Alō Goods – Nurturing a Hobby Business into a Targeted Brand

One of the goals for Bravvy is to share the stories of business owners who have completed the Build a Savvy Brand process. I am eagerly awaiting submissions from those who have purchased the series, and am excited to share this first story with you. Not only because it’s the first Bravvy success story shared on the site, but because it is also a cumulation of all of my passions—small businesses, branding, and soap!

Alō Goods is the new brand for a business I launched in 2014. While the original brand was well crafted, it had a major flaw—it was focused on me, and not my target audience. Now, before you start thinking “wow, the branding lady didn’t know her own target audience”, let me explain how the original brand came to be… and how the target audience changed.

Transforming Your Brand to Fit Your Target Audience

BitsiBi was the name of the business before I changed it to Alō Goods. The BitsiBi brand was focused on crafts that I created for my family, friends, and others that kept asking me if I  would sell the items I crafted. It was fun, whimsical, and was never intended to go further than a few sales on Etsy. It was the perfect brand for a hobby business model.

I wanted to grow my “hobby business” and to do that I needed a more sophisticated brand. Using my Build a Savvy Brand Process, I transformed BitsiBi into Alō Goods. The focus of Alō Goods is to provide handmade soaps, spa and skin care goods that are naturally crafted to nourish the mind, body and spirit. These are the products that were most sought after by my BitsiBi customers and the ones that I am most passionate about crafting.

The Alō Brand backbone, shaped from the Build a Savvy Brand Process:

Alō Goods is a brand focused on nourishing your mind, body, & spirit through the enjoyment of natural handcrafted products.

A new target audience defined.

The new brand is crafted around the needs, wants, desires, and personalities of the newly refined target audience groups. Groups, and data, that were discovered and acknowledged through the process of interacting with consumers. By listening to the consumers, and shaping the brand around them, my little hobby business is now positioned for increased sales, consumer awareness, and provides a clear message about the products sold.

The Alō Brand Positioning Statement, defined in Build a Savvy Brand Module 2:

Individuals and families seeking to nurture nature back into their lives rely on Alō Goods as their personal resource for naturally crafted goods that nourish their mind, body, & spirit, based on the honesty, integrity, and passion for a nurtured by nature lifestyle that goes into every Alō product.

Nurtured by a New Brand

Going through the Bravvy process was an enlightening experience, even for the lady that developed it! Most people assume that I can come up with any brand concept with the snap of my fingers, but having a process that guides me through each step is critical.

While going through the Bravvy process I discovered a few key elements:

  • Many things that I had “assumed” were proven wrong. This included a selection of some of the products I was offering.
  • Additional opportunities to reach my audience groups were revealed.
  • Product lines were refined for a directed marketing approach, and new product lines are planned for development over the next two years!

What I am most excited about is that  I know my brand is shaped around my audience and not just my personal insights.

I encourage you to visit my new site at, follow Alō on Facebook to see how the brand is implemented.

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