Show us Your Savvy Brand!

Every business that has completed the Build a Savvy Brand series is invited to share the results of their work with the Bravvy Community. Show us the results of your efforts by sharing your logo, your website, or any other collateral developed based off of your brand plan. We’ll host a presentation of your brand and your brand story to help inspire others looking to empower their business with a savvy brand.

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  • Provide a general background of your target audience groups. No need to give away any brand secrets, but let us know who you branded for.
  • Tell us how the Build a Savvy Brand series helped you with your branding process. Did you complete all of the modules? Did you discover anything new about your business, comptittors, or audience that helped unify your brand?
  • Upload images of your brand that you would like to share such as your logo, your packaging, or screen shots of your website.
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