Be a Giving Brand

Giving with your brand presents the opportunity to shine by focusing on appreciation and gratitude. I’m sharing my tips to craft the perfect gift for your business to give.

Branding vs Marketing — What’s the Difference Between the Two?

Marketing connects products & services to customers. Branding is what keeps them coming back.

Startup Tips for Building a Strong Brand

Tips & advice for startup businesses on building a solid brand – from the perspective of a multi-business owner who helps build brand strategies for success.

What is Branding & Why is it So Important for a Business?

The real definition of branding is the sum of people’s perception when they think about or interact with what you do.

Selecting Business Colors to Build a Recognizable Brand

Choosing the best colors for your business – Let’s take a look at how colors work and impact your brand.

Alō Goods – Nurturing a Hobby Business into a Targeted Brand

Reviewing a successful brand launch for Alo Goods – the first completed Bravvy Brand!

Brand Positioning: Making a Statement for Brand Success

What is brand positioning? Find out, and get advice on writing a strong brand positioning statement for your business.

Business Logo Design: a Cost Breakdown

Exploring logo cost – the average price of a logo, deliverables you should receive, what is needed from the client, and how long the process should take.

11 Tips for Branding and Design Project Success

Knowing how to work with your graphic designer is an important element in making sure you’re satisfied with the final product. When projects go off the rails, it’s usually because communication breaks down between the designer and their client – leading to budgets being squandered, schedules being blown, and unnecessary hard feelings.

Building Ideal Customer Profiles—a Crucial Component to a Successful Brand

The Why, What, and How behind customer profiles and buyer personas — a guide for business owners.