Bravvy Starter Pack


Get your feet wet with Module 1 of the Build a Savvy Brand series. When you’re ready to act on the insights gained from the discovery process, use the included coupon for $20 off the complete series!

The Bravvy Starter Pack is for businesses owners who:

  • Are just starting out and need guidance exploring their brand.
  • Are looking to explore the basics of the Bravvy process.

This special introduction to the Bravvy series includes Module 1: Discover Your Brand and a $15 credit towards your purchase of the complete series!

Module 1: Discovering Your Brand is where we’ll discuss, and begin to document, the analytical data that will be used to shape your brand. This is a fun session where you and a few trusted partners will dive in and talk about your business. Many business owners walk away from this discovery session feeling empowered and find clarification in their brand.

Estimated time investment: 3-4 hours.
  • 1 hour to review, gather assets and invite meeting participants.
  • 2-3 hour brainstorm session
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