Bravvy Approved Businesses

The following companies have been vetted by Bravvy and have Kandra's stamp of approval for their quality of work, customer service, and brand focused abilities. Each company is familiar with the Build a Savvy Brand process and are looking forward to working with dedicated business owners like you.

If your company would like to be included on this list, please reach out to Kandra to begin the application process.

Business Tools

WordPress is a powerful, user-friendly, and highly customizable website platform. Extend it with WooCommerce to create a custom eCommerce site for your brand.

Adobe is the software of choice for design professionals, and it's accessible to business owners too. A Creative Cloud subscription can provide professional tools for your brand for as little as $9.95 a month.

ShortPixel improves website performance by optimizing images - faster page speed = better SEO and higher user retention rates.

Creative Services

Phases Design Studio

Kandra works with select clients to implement their brands in both print and web format. You can submit your brand plan and creative brief to her through


Marti Wedewer is the creative force behind BrioCreative, an all-inclusive design studio based in the Denver area. She earned her chops in ad agencies & design studios and has since owned several graphics companies, working in brand/logo design, publishing, advertising, multimedia design, illustration—the whole enchilada.

Visual Persuasion Adobe Training

Marti also owns Visual Persuasion Adobe Training, teaching the Adobe Creative Suite to businesses around the region. 

Christoper Maley

Copywriter by trade. After 15 years of doing that, I'll tell you that my job is to help clients think of interesting ways to sell their stuff. Sometimes, cool words do the job. Sometimes, they don't. But how I help companies boils down to something that clients have told me: before I got involved, the management team had a hard time articulating their business proposition in a way that spoke to their prospects in their language. I helped the group come up with this. 

Business Services

Ace Chat

Ace Chat provides professional support for your website with a live chat solution personalized for your business! Each member of our team is trained to communicate with compassion in real-time with your website visitors, to assist them with basic questions, help with website navigation, and to gather lead information.  The Ace Chat team will greet your current and potential customers with warmth, while presenting a professional and friendly "face" for your business. People who engage in a live chat are almost 8 times more likely to convert from a casual site visitor to a customer! 

We believe in conducting all business with the principles of honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, reliability, and courtesy.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you, your team, and your website visitors with kindness! Contact ACE CHAT today to discover how we can help your business! 720.722.0223.

Zamar Screen Printing

We are a one stop for all your imprinted needs!   We have 24 years experience helping you look great to your clients.   Our clients love working with us because we are professional, honest and creative!    We do all the research and replace the catalog on your desk no more long hours of searching for the right item.   Our clients tell us we make them look amazing, professional and their bosses think they are rock stars!  Zamar Screen Printing helps businesses save money and time by doing all the legwork for your branded products.